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As a professional paper board manufacturers,NEW BAMBOO PAPER‘s main product is a series of “high-quality grey board”, and we can manufacture the grey board with the GSM ranging from 300gsm to 3000gsm in the form of sheet and reel with various sizes.Our products include grey paper board, duplex paper board, black paper board, foil cake board wholesale, pe coated paper sheet and foam board paper.  


Products include all-grey board, double-sided gray board, glossy gray board and single gray board.Our products can be used in many places,

for example grey paper board for stationery series,economical material for mosquito coil,high quality for puzzles and grey board paper for packaging paper box.



1. Grey Board For Slotting

Our grey board has strong adhesion. This product is suitable for V-shaped slotting and can be widely used in various box products such as boutique boxes, jewelry boxes and packaging boxes.

2. Grey Board of Different Shapes

Our grey board has good stiffness and burst strength and can be made into different shapes depending on the needs of different products (cake base, etc.).

3. Grey Board Laminated With Foam/Flocking

Our gray board has a uniform surface and absorbs water. It is suitable for various non-paper materials such as sponge, flocking, pvc, etc. and is widely used for hard covers, soft notebook covers and the inside of the briefcase/handbag for figuration.

4. Grey Board Laminated With Special Paper

Our grey board has a good uniform and absorbent surface. It is suitable for the laminating of various paper materials and is widely used in the stationery industry, such as paper clips, photo frame back boards, etc.

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Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to environmental protection, living in harmony with nature and ensuring the business philosophy of “integrity, environmental protection and economy”.

01. More than 14 years of production experience.

02. 100% recycled paper.

03. The reel or plate is based on customer requirements. Special sizes are available.

04. High quality, most competitive price and excellent service are our biggest advantages.

05. Products range from 300gsm to 3000gsm depending on customers' requirements. Different grades can be selected.

06. Our grey board also can be two rolls laminated, three rolls laminated, four rolls laminated to the different thickness and then cut to the different sheet size.

07. Our paper board are exported to different countries, such as Poland, Malta, Portugal, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Egypt, etc.

08. All of these grey paper rolls and gray cardboard can be widely used as raw materials for arched documents, hard book covers, calendar stands, gift boxes, puzzles, furniture and other stationery products.



NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of the gray board. It is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. At present, we have more than 1,000 employees and more than 20 experienced engineers and technicians. The strong technical force is a powerful driving force for our further development.

The main product is a series of "high-quality gray boards". We can make gray board with the GSM from 300gsm to 3000gsm and various sizes of plates and reels. Products include all-grey board, double-sided gray board, glossy gray board and single gray board.

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Paper board manufacturer NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., LIMITED specialized in manufacturing grey paper boards.Get more news about grey board paper, duplex paper board and cake boards wholesale here.

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How to order your product?
How to order your product?
What is your brand and how many grades you have for your grey board?
What is your Brand and how many grade for your grey board ?