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Grey board for packaging paper box

Product Usage:

Wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, gift watch boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.


Grey board specification

1) Thickness: 0.49-4.0mm

2) Substance: 300-2400gsm

3) Thickness over 4.0mm, can be customized

4) Size: Different sizes both in sheets and reels

5) Quality: Laminated board and single layer board


Size of Grey board

1) Standard sheet size: 31”x43”; 35”x47”, 787x1092mm, 889x1194mm

2) Maximum size: 1200x1900mm

3) Minimum size: 600x600mm

4) Smaller size, can be customized


Features of Grey board:                                     

1) Good smoothness and high stiffness  

2) Strong folding strength

3) Different quality grade for different applications


Further Processing:

Grey board laminated with color paper, black or white paper in one side or two sides