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Grey Paperboard Manufacturing


This industry specialises in the creation of paperboard and paper products that can be processed further to get finer products. Recycled materials as well as wood pulp form the bulk of raw materials for the industry.

Close to 4 million tonnes of paper and board are produced with the amount of consumption being slightly more.

Paperboard Product properties

Paperboard material offers a wide range of grades, types and finishes that are suitable to the various needs of different clients. This accounts for its great versatility compared to similar materials.

Personalised products can easily be made from this material. Gluing and creasing it into different forms is done on it without much hassle.

The product has more strength than ordinary paper as it is produced on a specialist machine. Its production varies as either single layer or multi layer. Lamination is done on it especially when long-lasting products are desired. Polyvinyl Acetate water performs this function well.

Environmental friendly

The material allows users and manufacturers to maintain a healthy environmental cycle as it can be recycled. Its production is also sustainable. Trees as well as recycled waste products are used in the manufacturing process. The waste generation and disposal process are monitored closely. Licensed recycling companies collect and dispose of the generated waste.


The purpose of a particular product determines the type of grey paperboard that will be used to manufacture it. Trays, boxes and other materials used as points of sale are made from thinner boards. Food packaging materials and layer cards also rely on such materials. The thicker boards that have been laminated create durable products like dump bins.


Aside from packaging, the board can also be used to make sheets. The sheets produced come in different forms which consist of paper lined board, brown lined, white lined, polythene or silicon lined among many other forms.

Factors that influence the industry

Close links with suppliers has been identified as a leading factor that contributes to the success of the paper manufacturing industry. This is according to the analysts. Telecommunications and advances of IT have also had a positive impact on the industry. Firms that have adapted well to environmental requirements have enjoyed good success. And just like in any other business, economies of scale have also influenced the industry.

Our privately owned chipboard mill makes this possible. The diversity of our products was recently increased with the acquisition of a high tech laminator. The desire to keep the environment safe has influenced our products. Environmental products are taking the place of plastic products.

We adhere to the flexibility policy that allows us to prioritise the needs of our customers. The products are tailored to fit the specific design of our clients. Readily at our disposal is a fleet of vans to facilitate delivery of products to various locations.

Numerous types ranging from simple unlined chipboards to products lined with plastics are supplied by NEW BAMBOO PAPER.