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The Benefits of Using Grey Paper board to Package


When shipping your products, whether it’s from one business to another or from your business’s warehouse to the doorstep of your customer, you need to ensure your goods arrive in one piece.

What’s more, you need your products, especially if you’re in the business of food products such as cereal, to be kept safe when sitting on the shelves of supermarkets. A broken, mishandled or scuffed product can lead to a dissatisfied customer, meaning you will have to a) apologise, b) send a replacement product, and c) risk losing their custom.

The best way to stop any mishaps from happening when it comes to transporting and delivering your goods is to futureproof this area of your business. However, you need to find a material which is both durable and cost-effective; after all, you need to have a return on your investment.

Grey board is a tried and tested material, which is versatile and can be used for all types of products. The benefits of using paperboard to protect your goods when delivering them are many, and so if you’re wondering why you should be using paperboard when packaging your products, consider the following reasons.


Thicker than paper, grey paper board offers an extra layer of support when it comes to protecting and transporting your goods. What’s more, paperboard can be made stronger by laminating piles together using PVA water-based glue, so that you can select a grade of paperboard that is perfect for your needs.


Grey Paper board can be used for a variety of goods; it all depends on the thickness of the paper. The thinner the paperboard, the more useful it is for point-of-sale materials such as boxes and trays, whereas thicker paperboard is best for heavier products that need extra padding due to its fragility.

Although paperboard is ideal for packaging, it is, however, a great means of creating stationery, boxes, large bins or even cereal boxes and juice cartons. All types of paper board can be bought in a variety of colours, from white and greyto brown. You can also purchase paperboard in sheets, or you can buy paperboard rolls – whichever is more beneficial to your business.


Whether you need to bulk buy or only use black paper board for a hand full of items, you can buy paper board rolls, sheets or tubes, whichever is best suited to your business’s size and scale. This means you can scale up or downeasily, reducing waste and being a cost-effective alternative for your packaging requirements.


Nowadays, businesses are looking for alternative packaging materials that don’t have a high carbon footprint. Plastic is being replaced by paper-based products, however, only half the battle is won. You need to ensure the paper-based materials you are using are sourced ethically, and that they are also recyclable. Paperboard is a sustainable product that does not produce waste. It can be recycled, yet it can also be created by recycling waste paper or from trees that are specifically grown in sustainable environments. What’s more, if your paperboard packaging has a printed design on it, it can still be recycled, so that you can complete the cycle and keep your business as environmentally-friendly as possible.