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What's the difference between White Lined Chipboard and Grey Board?


The white lined chipboards are widely used to produce the cost-effective paper printed boxes and corrugated printed boxes. And the grey boards are widely used for the gift paper boxes and rigid paper boxes.

The grey board is a kind of paperboard that is completely made of the recycled paper pulp. The name comes from its natural grey color. The grey board varies from 0.1-2.5mm in thickness. They are widely used to make the luxury rigid set up box.Our grey paper board is of high quality and competitive price and is widely used as raw materials for arched documents, hard book covers, calendar stands, gift boxes, puzzles, furniture and other stationery products, ranging from 300gsm to 3000gsm according to customers’ requirements.

What is grey board gray paper is made from a kind of recycled waste paper board, is a kind of environmentally friendly packaging materials, products are divided into single ash, ash, total ash, belongs to the environmental protection packaging materials. Main use: packing box, advertising board, folder, photo frame backplane, bags, hardcover books, receive a case, sample, lining board, plate, etc. Contains the characteristics of quantitative, thickness, tightness, stiffness, smoothness and expansion rate is to determine the quality of grey board data. Main use: grey paper board can be used for packing boxes, advertising board, folder, photo frame backplane, bags, hardcover books, receive a case, sample, lining board, puzzles, partition, etc. 

It is called white lined chipboard when the greyboard is coated with the white clay. Therefore, it is also called clay coated white back paperboard, referred to as CCNB. In China, some people call it duplex board with the grey back. They are actually the same thing. They white lined chipboard are usually no more than 0.6mm. The grammage varies from 250gsm to 450gsm.

The white lined chipboard is widely used to make the paper folding boxes and litho-laminated carton boxes. It is litho offset printed and then glued to the single faced corrugated board on the production line to create a corrugated box with fine printing.

What is white board paper whiteboard paper is divided into two categories: one kind is printing class - The whiteboard paper; One kind is stationery whiteboard paper printing white board paper printing class whiteboard paper because fibre is average, surface layer has the packing and the composition of the rubber, and the surface coated with paint, and through many roller pressure light processing, so the quality of a material of cardboard more closely, thickness is average. The paper generally is white and smooth, with an average of absorbency and surface off powder with less wool phenomenon. 

Meantime, the greyboard can also be double side coated to have the white lined chipboard with the white back.

The 350gsm, 450gsm CCNB paperboard are widely used to produce the various custom paper printed boxes. Because it is made of the recycled paper pulp, it is quite cost effective compared with the solid bleached paperboard which is made of the kraft paper pulp. The printed paper boxes are mainly used as retail packaging boxes and toy packaging boxes.

Paper is strong and has a good degree of folding, but its water content is higher, generally around 10%, there is a certain scale, this print will bring certain influence. White board paper and coated paper, offset paper, the difference between the halftone paper is paper, degree of positive and negative heavy, paper, thick and different colors, white board paper for a grey one side white, also known as grey coated white. Stationery whiteboard paper stationery whiteboard paper is visual in the process of learning or meeting must be one of the stationery. Because training industry since the late 1990 s in China gradually rise, so, white board paper as common consumption of stationery supplies gradually in the tribes of popularity. 

Grey board and white board paper difference between grey board and white board paper is one of the biggest difference is that whether all grey, white board paper for a grey one side white, and grey board is all grey.

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