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Characteristics, Specification and Application of Black Paper


Black paper also known as the black cardboard or black paper board, generally have virgin wood pulp or recycled pulp and the core is black , there are C1S and C2S . (C1S : Coated One side /C2S : Coated two sides) .


One side coated black with one side uncoated black,30% wood pulp+70%PCW recycled pulp,good quality best price.


1.Two sides are black;

2.One side black

3.One side black One side grey

Substance &Size

Substance:110gsm-400gsm (.Above 600gsm we can do with laminated)

Standard Size:31"x43" or 35"x47"

Special size:Can be customized

Sample size: Free A4 size ,buyers just pay the sample fee


The black cardboard is a relatively strong thick thick paper, generally has a double-sided smooth, good stiffness, the characteristics of colour and lustre is stable.Uniform color, all black, no white spots on the surface, fine paper, good stiffness, good tensile.

strength, high resistance to breakage, no fading, smooth and flat paper surface, good folding resistance.


Our black paperboard has the most competitive price and high quality and are widely used in the manufacturing of high-standard perfume boxes, all kinds of gift boxes, paper bags and photo albums. Our factory can produce products of different thickness, roll size or sheet size.Black card paper is mainly used for making album, DIY album, picture frame back board, gift box, mobile phone box, stationery, clothing tag, notebook cover, desk calendar, hand bag, filter edge, studio album, and speaker electronic gasket. All of our black paper board are suitable for silk printing.

Of course, according to the use of black card paper, its specifications and weight is also different, the following NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., LIMITED for your detailed explanation:

Used for the production of picture frame back plate, gift box black card, generally is a single black card on a gray background, the common weight of 180-600g, and used for the production of speaker speaker gasket black card specification is slightly smaller, generally between 0.5-3mm, and known as the electroacoustic black card.

Double-sided transparent black card paper, thickness of 0.1-0.54mm, more weight can be processed and compounded, all-wood pulp black card paper, weight of 110-450g, thickness of 0.13-0.54mm.