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What Caused The Less Hardness Of the Grey Paper board


Our grey paper board is of high quality and competitive price and is widely used as raw materials for arched documents, hard book covers, calendar stands, gift boxes, puzzles, furniture and other stationery products, ranging from 300gsm to 3000gsm according to customers’ requirements.Application:used for paper tube and corner protector converting

Core Board Paper

Basis weight:360-510gsm


Roll width:500-2000mm in widths customer sizes oem

Paper color :Unbleached brown

Quality:Grade AAA, Grade AA, Grade A

The finished paper can be the raw material for bobbin making and tapered paper tube making.

The core board paper is composite paper, which is composed of multiple layers of paper pulp. Usually use wood pulp or waste paper pulp as the raw material. 

1.The core board paper is a kind of industrial paper used in bobbin and tapered paper tube making in the textile industry.

2.The core board paper is tough and wear-resistant, and the paper surface is smooth and even. It needs to have good water resistance. When used, it can resist edge depression and withstand lathe processing.

The moisture of greypaperboard occasionally appearshumidity is too big, hardness is not enough. So, what cause to cardboard hardness logistics index difference even we use the same raw materials, the same machine, the same production process?

1. Machinery, the hardness of paperboard is mainly influenced by breaking strength of the index of an equipment.

2. Raw materials, high percentage of water content directly impact on the hardness index of grey board,whenever customer require for the hardness of paperboard, we would test the physical index of raw material by machine in advance whether can meet a criterion.

3. The method of operation during production, in the production process, the biggest factor to affect the paperboard quality is wrong operation method. For example, the tension adjustment is too big, the drying temperature does not reach the standard on time, then will destroy the paper fiber, and cause paperboard’s not enough rigidity in the mean while.