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Chipboard packaging boards Applications


The packaging of a product plays an important role in consumers perceive the product. However, with the environmental disaster plastic packaging causes,industries and manufacturers come up with new packaging materials that are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

One such material is Chipboard. Paper chipboard is cardboard based, in other words, paper chipboard is not a particleboard or a board made out of wooden chips. The making of chipboard happens once a recycled paper is pressed together to create a paperboard. 

When using grey chipboard sheets packaging boards for packaging there are two things you need to determine. First, the thickness of the Chipboard packaging boards you require to package your product. Second, the weight of the package. The thickness of the chipboard matters since there are plenty of Chipboard packaging boards that have varying thickness. For instance, the thickness of a chipboard paper used to package cereals is around 0.020” – 500 micron and a shoebox is around 0.050” – 1250 micron. 

The second aspect is the weight of the product you want to package. Chipboard packaging board scan be light or heavyweight suitable for various weights of product. Another factor you can also consider when obtaining Chipboard packaging boards to package your products is the storage. If you store the Chipboard packaging boards in a damp environment, you risk damaging them since they can quickly become weak. Ensure you store the Chipboard packaging boards in a dry place for not to discolour, expand or weaken.

What exactly can you use the Chipboard packaging boards for?


You can use Chipboard packaging boards to package electronics. Thick Chipboard packaging boards can serve as electronic wrapping materials since they can withstand the weight of some electronics.


The food industry uses a majority of Chipboard packaging boards. It uses the Chipboard to package cereals, groceries, edible food among others.

You can also use Chipboard packaging boards to package cosmetics and films. Due to their lightweight property, you can also use them as shopping packaging materials. The most significant advantage of using paper Chipboard for packaging is that they are cost-effective options for your products.