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What Is Paperboard Applied For?


Grey board is one material that has been widely applied for a variety of purposes. It is a thick and flat piece of paper manufactured from a network of fibres. Actually, what sets the two apart is only the thickness. The production features a single construction with others coming with a multi-layered build. It is stronger than the typical paper. One of the reasons why it makes the preference is because of how sustainable it is. It can be made from trees or waste paper, and it can easily be recycled.

Most of these thick sheets of paper are made from cellulose from trees like spruce, eucalyptus, birch, and pine. The fibres are obtained through pulping. The industrial process amounts to the production of different types of grades used for various purposes including:

Most of these materials are commonly used in packaging. However, not all types suit the same function, and that is why with every kind of grade comes a different function.

These cardboard paper sheets are the premium grade derived from the pure bleached wood pulp. They are coated with other materials like polyethylene or kaolin clay. They are used for medical, liquid food product, cosmetic and perfume, frozen food and confectionery box packaging.

Kraft Boards – They are highly durable, resistant and are obtained from unbleached pulp. Some are coated with kaolin clay while other with polyester. There are also others that are covered with a metallised polyester film on the surface. They have a broad range of usage including pharmaceuticals, medical, media, heavy duty and frozen food packaging.

Recycled Boards – They come in two varieties. The coated and the uncoated recycled boards. The coated recycled paper sheets feature a multi-ply material obtained from purely recycled paper materials. To improve the printing faces, this piece of the paper sheet comes coated with kaolin clay on top of the white fibre ply layer. The recycled coated types are used in the packaging of soaps, biscuits, cakes, and some cosmetics as well as toiletries. On the other hand, the uncoated types are obtained from reclaimed paper from various manufacturing industries. Their multi-ply surfaces are often dyed for colour and are used in making of shoe boxes, fibre drums, and composite tins.

Apart from packaging, although closely related, some of these products are utilised in the printing industry. They are given a priority based on their ability to resist strains and stresses that accompany the use of perfect finishing techniques. Because of their durability, they come in handy particularly in guaranteeing a long life for the printed words. Examples are DVD covers, various forms of cards, book covers among others. In presentations, the versatility of these materials allows business people to make a wide range of object, structures or forms used for branding campaigns. The use of high-resolution graphics, two-sided printing and many more types of effects that can be created are helpful in attracting customers.

Many different industries are reliant on gray paperboard products. Depending on the manufacturing process, the rigidity and the strength you are looking for, you will find all types of these paper sheets that suits all your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create an exclusive and classic appeal, or you want a material you can use for storage. They are all available in different capacities and finishes.