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Introduction of Metallic Foil Board & Paper


The metallic board paper is made of high-quality wood pulp paper and has three layers. The top layer is gold, silver or white. The middle layer is a gray board. The bottom is gold, silver, white or grey according to the buyer's request. The metallic board paper is widely used in bread, western dessert and various pastry packaging. We provide customized solutions according to different requirements of customers.

Silver Paper Board is coated base paper then metalizing 1-3gsm layer on the coated side,End coated on metallized layer.

Base material: Grey board

Surface material: Metallized film


Cosmetics and personal-care items Gift box and gift-wrapping paper Electronics and general packing


1) With shining appearance

2) Good isolation and Waterproof,oil proof

3) Can be printed rapidly

4) More anti-fold times

5) Environmental friendly

6) Colors: Golden or silver

 Product Characteristic

1) Unique strong metallic looking, highly glossy and smooth surface;

2) Very good vertical and parallel tensile strength, excellent folding endurance and smooth surface (our products meet the requirements of various types of packaging machinery with outstanding finished effect)

3) Very low permeability and excellent anti-mildew (our products can keep the aroma of the packaged goods and retain longer quality)

4) Suitable for various types of printing processes, such as, silk-screen printing, offset printing, flexor, gravure, UV printing, embossed (giving an excellent result after embossed)

5) Our product can be widely used in all sorts of packaging, like cigarette packaging (e.g. Under  layer paper), alcohol trademarks, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift wrap, etc

Make your projects shine. NEW BAMBOO PAPER Metallic Foil Board & Paper add the perfect eye-catching accent. Choose from two reflective surfaces: foil laminated to a heavy poster board or foil paper.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER Metallic Foil Board & Paper are great for die-cutting, layering, and using with decorative scissors, punches, embossing and crimping tools.

Use anywhere you need to add some sparkle. Perfect for gift wrapping, holiday and party decorations, card making, school projects, and more. Acid-free!

NEW BAMBOO PAPER Metallic Foil Board is available in 10×13” and 20×26” Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, and Black packs of 10 and 25 sheets. Assortment packs are available too.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER Metallic Foil Paper is available in 26”x6’ Red, Gold and Silver rolls.

This pack of metallic paper plates is great to use for seasonal crafting. Children can craft baubles to hang on the Christmas tree using these plates as they are small in size. Simply glue on paper shapes or embellishments and attach a ribbon to hang on the tree or around the classroom. The plates are made from paper making them lightweight for children to handle and cut. These plates can also be used practically as a plate for food when having a party or picnic. These plates can also be turned into colourful frames that children can give as a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas gift.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd is a company specializing in the production and sale of gray chipboards. We have more than 1,000 employees and 20 experienced engineers and technicians. Our strong technical strength is a powerful driving force for our further development.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, ensuring the business philosophy of "integrity, environmental protection, economical efficiency".