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Paper Box With Paperboard Insert


The rigid paper boxes are widely used as cosmetic paper boxes and gift paper boxes with the custom paperboard insert. The paperboard inserts are mostly used to separate to the different items in the box while having the purpose to protect the items inside. Besides, the paperboard insert can also hold the item inside very well, fixing the product inside. However, the EVA foam inserts have the better protection quality and cushion quality compared with the paperboard insert.

lift off lid paper box with paperboard insert

The lift off lid paper box has the paperboard insert inside. The insert is a piece of gold metallic foil board, which has the matte gold visual effect.

One of the great benefit of a paperboard insert is that it is very cost effective and it is very cheap. When a pcs of EVA foam insert is not very necessary, the paperboard insert can save quite a lot and be an alternative. It is widely used for the packaging of the facial masks and eye masks which are put inside a palstic bag. And there is no risk of breaking the products inside during the shipment and delivery.

The paperboard insert inside the custom paper box can be quite flexible. And there are quite many alternatives. Custom corrugated inserts are widely used for some heavy duty shipping cartons and corrugated mailers.

The E flute corrugated board, F flute corrugated board are simply diecut to be flat packed and shipped to the production line. But the design process of the custom corrugated insert takes a long time. We need create many graphic designs for the structure as well samples for the small revision. All we need do is to get a perfect insert, which can hold and protect the items inside very well.

corrugated inserts inside corrugated printed box

Very strong insert made of the E flute corrugated board, used inside the full color printed E flute corrugated mailer.

The corrugated tray has very strong shoulders on the sides, which can resist very strong pressure outside. The custom paper box is quite difficult to crush. Thus, it would have a perfect protection for the toy bricks inside. And the product inside are not possible to be damaged or broken at all.

One of the great benefits of such a tray insert inside is that we can have a thin paperboard for the outer paper box. When the grey paperb oard used for the paper printed box is thin, the printing quality can be better, very impressive and beautiful.  Another great benefit is that the total cost won’t increase a lot.