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Safety Considerations for Display Board Material


Display board is a rigid, board-shaped material used for easily displaying graphics or written information. It can be made of corrugated plastic or cardboard, and comes in many sizes. The choice of display board material depends on its purpose. Most importantly, but easily overlooked, aspect of material choice is that of safety. Depending on where and how the grey board is to be used, its dimensions and composition may pose problems.


As for all products to be used indoors, and especially in public buildings, the flammability of a display board is something to consider. It is an unfortunate reality that materials suitable for use as display boards are flammable to some degree. However, it is important to choose materials that are appropriate for their function, but which still offer maximal fire-resistance. Of course, all permanent installations must comply with local fire-safety regulations.

Generally, denser materials are more fire-resistant than less dense materials of the same type. In choosing paper-based products for display board material, choosing a denser material will improve the board’s fire resistance.

An excellent choice for this is a paper chipboard product, made from recycled paper chips compressed into sheets and glued together in three or four plies using a water-based adhesive. It is coated to ensure that the surface is suitable for the printing or adhesion of displays.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER produces an excellent example of such a display board product. The product is coated on both sides with a thin layer of clay, to provide an excellent surface for printing or lamination.

Environmental Safety

The environmental safety of a product involves two elements: the safety of the environment in which the product will be used, and also the safety of the global environment at large. Paper-based products are excellent choices for both.

In contrast with plastics, paper products are made from a renewable resource. Provided those trees are harvested with consideration to the sustainability of wood lands (FSC Certification), a paper product is an excellent choice of material. The fact that paper-based display grey cardboard sheets are often made from recycled paper to begin with, and can be recycled at the end of their usefulness, only adds to the ecological friendliness of the material.

Interior environmental health is also a consideration. Many synthetic products give off odours and harmful organic compounds as a result of their composition. Paper products are made from natural cellulose, and are most often bound together with water-based glues and binders, which do not give off harmful vapours. This protects the health of employees and customers in those locations where the displays are installed.