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What Is Grey Chipboard?


Grey chipboard is one paper stock that is widely misunderstood. Paper converting experts receive a lot of questions about its use and application. Chipboard is a very versatile paper stock that can be converted for a variety of uses, from industrial and commercial to crafting and hobbies. 

It can be used to protect a variety of surfaces and thus is extremely useful around all types of job sites. It's used to make floors, furniture, and countertops. In addition to acting as floorboard for protection, chipboard can also be used to make permanent surfaces, including flooring, countertops, and furniture.

What is chipboard? Essentially, it’s a thick paper that is usually made from 100 percent recycled fiber. Unlike many other paper stocks that are categorized on a weight basis, black chipboard is unique in that it’s categorized on its thickness. In fact, thanks to its durability, chipboard is often used to make sticks of dynamite!

Kraft Lined Chipboard material is a versatile product that is made from 100% recovered fibre. Its natural origins, flexibility and ease of use make it a popular choice for a wide range of large and small-scale operations. Kraft Lined Chipboard has many different applications, but there are several areas in which it is used today including all kinds of industrial packaging and for consumer product packaging.

Ideal for consumer product packaging

One of the great benefits of Kraft Lined Chipboard is its crisp, fresh appearance. It is constructed in layers. The finished material is very easy to cut, crease, fold, and glue. It is designed to cope well with die cutting processes, and to take different types of colouring and printing too, whether by digital or traditional means. This makes the grey chipboard sheets ideal for cartons and multipacks in the food, cosmetics, toys, gadgets and many other sectors. After use, the material is fully recyclable, making it the first packaging choice for many sustainable businesses.

A fabulous resource for arts and crafts

The physical properties of Kraft Lined Chipboard ensure that it is widely used by artists and crafts enthusiasts. Model makers appreciate its structural qualities, as it is both light and strong. Artists can select from a range of grades and finishes to create different aesthetic effects. It can be rolled, cut, and glued into all imaginable forms. Display boards and lined chipboard are a fabulous resource for marketing, promotion and all kinds of creative endeavour.

Industrial packaging for protection, transport and storage

All manufacturing, processing and technical industries rely on robust and reliable packaging to keep their valuable materials in good condition. Boxes and cartons protect manufactured goods from environmental influences and facilitate efficient transportation and storage. Cardboard chipboard packaging helps companies organise their inventory and make maximum use of space. It is light and flexible, making it ideal for storing many types of different goods and items. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and so can be used for high volume products too. This packaging helps keep a warehouse or stockroom tidy, and facilitates stock-taking and rotation, because the manager has an overview of supplies available. It is also more environmentally friendly than plastic. This kind of packaging is indispensable in many industries today.