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Tissue paper vs duplex paper


Double tape paper refers to printing paper, also known as offset paper, double powder paper.It refers to the paper in the paper making process, the glue is applied on both sides of the paper to improve its surface properties.General double adhesive paper quantitative in 60 grams to 120 grams between, there are 150 grams of high weight double adhesive paper, less than 60 grams of not called double glue and called writing paper, writing paper is a relatively poor paper.For example, we often look at the picture album, color printed magazines are double adhesive paper.

We are a supplier of double-sided cardboard and offer products in roll and paper form. We are providing a wide array of Duplex Paper Gray Back Board. Duplex Paper Gray Back Board is multilayer paperboard which is developed by combination of virgin pulp and recycled fiber and with fully coated on the top side fulfill the demand of multipurpose packaging application, it is a value for money chip board which is a type of boxboard with a glossy coated surface on one side for superior printability.These duplex paperboard products are widely used in industry and are highly appreciated for their quality and durability. We offer grey and white double panels, which are widely used in the manufacturing of shoe boxes, cloth boxes, cereal boxes, soap boxes, toothpaste boxes and more. We provide our customers with customized solutions to meet their needs and requirements.

Our duplex paper gray back board very clean,  high surface flatness and, high bursting strength, perfect for folding and dia cutting, can stand more than 12 colors high speed printing. 

One side white one side gray. thick high-weight product with strong stress resistance and stiffness.

Duplex Paper Gray Back Board  is a type of boxboard with a glossy coated surface on one side for superior printability.

This product is typically used as packaging material for small boxes that require high quality printability.

We are duplex paper board manufacturers that are available in form of rolls and sheets. Offered in both white, gray and white, white duplex boards, these are Widely used and supplied in printing area, single side color printing,then make cartons which are used as packaging, or used in the design, manual products.

Tissue paper is a kind of high-level cultural industrial paper with high production difficulty. The technical characteristics of the product are as follows: high physical strength, excellent evenness and transparency, and good surface properties, fine, smooth, no bubble sand, and good print ability.

Tissue paper also known as snow pear paper, moisture-proof paper, product strength, high whiteness, is a very important thin packaging paper.tissue paper has a wide range of USES:

1) tissue paper printing: The tissue paper has a good printing effect. It can be printed in one color, two colors and four colors. The company Logo and trademark can be dyed into red, blue, gold, silver and other colors.

2) Clothing, shoes, leather goods, hardware packaging: In the southern Market of China, tissue paper is mainly used for the packaging of clothing, shoes, leather goods and other products.

3) fruit packaging: tissue paper is an important paper in the northern fruit packaging materials, mainly used for packaging snow pear, so named snow pear paper

4) Packaging of porcelain, wine and crafts: it is moisture-proof, breathable, protective and finalize the design

At present on the market circulation of the kong ming paper raw materials are cotton paper, single-sided copy paper, flame retardant paper, double-sided copy paper.Above the price, the lowest price of cotton paper, single-sided tissue paper, flame retardant paper price moderate, the most expensive double-sided tissue paper.