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What Are Chipboard Cardboard Sheets used for?


Chipboard cardboard sheets are made of 100% recycled paper pressed and glued together with adhesive, and produced in various thicknesses.  The material can be used to package food and for making boxes that contain everything from children’s toys to office files. The sheets can be covered in coloured papers or laminated for durability.

The gray paperboard insert inside the custom paper box can be quite flexible. And there are quite many alternatives. Custom corrugated inserts are widely used for some heavy duty shipping cartons and corrugated mailers.

The E flute corrugated board, F flute corrugated board are simply diecut to be flat packed and shipped to the production line. But the design process of the custom corrugated insert takes a long time. We need create many graphic designs for the structure as well samples for the small revision. All we need do is to get a perfect insert, which can hold and protect the items inside very well.

corrugated inserts inside corrugated printed box

Very strong insert made of the E flute corrugated board, used inside the full color printed E flute corrugated mailer.

The corrugated tray has very strong shoulders on the sides, which can resist very strong pressure outside. The custom paper box is quite difficult to crush. Thus, it would have a perfect protection for the toy bricks inside. And the product inside are not possible to be damaged or broken at all.

One of the great benefits of such a tray insert inside is that we can have a thin paperboard for the outer paper box. When the black paperboard used for the paper printed box is thin, the printing quality can be better, very impressive and beautiful.  Another great benefit is that the total cost won’t increase a lot.

The Personalised Home Interior

Thanks to the increasing use of chipboard cardboard, bespoke home interiors are no longer out of reach for the majority of people. Today’s homeowner wants his house to reflect his taste and to mark the significant events of his life. Manufacturers use computer software to scan and load imagery for printing onto paper or laminate for chipboard cardboard surfaces, thus creating products that individualise areas of the home. The scope is vast; customers can cover the sheets with imagery from their foreign travel, reproductions of favourite works of art and family photographs, and back with adhesive to place on their walls. Table place mats can be customised to match.

Storage in the Home and Office

With so many people running their businesses from home, the market for inexpensive, colour-coded filing systems is expanding rapidly. With their low cost, it is possible to outfit a work area with black chipboard cardboard box files to store statements, invoices and customer records. Larger boxes are ideal for storing household items and one advantage is that when they are not in use, the owner can collapse them for ease of storage.

Everyone has a collection of greeting cards and hand-written letters, holiday brochures and leaflets about places visited, menus of wedding dinners and other significant feasts, which they want to secure and treasure forever. The scrapbook market has never looked so promising and personalised grey chipboard cardboard sheets make ideal covers for these repositories of memories. Do not forget; chipboard cardboard is:

Made of 100% recycled material

Made in various thicknesses

Available in pre-cut shapes for stencilling

Made in a range of sizes.

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